Jamie Wood

Platform Engineer with a passion for DevOps methodology

United Kingdom



Energetic and proactive individual with a passion for containerisation, automation, configuration management and DevOps methodology. As a fast learner with excellent problem-solving abilities, I am more than willing to take on any opportunity that is passed my way and can demonstrate responsibility for my own work.

Work Experience

Immersive Gamebox
Remote - London, UK
Contract - Zero Based Ltd

2022 - Present

Lead DevOps Engineer / Consultant

  • Engineered an automated deployment ecosystem utilizing Terraform, Ansible, Packer, and Jenkins for Immersive Gamebox's central AWS systems, while also extending it to on-premise hardware at multiple venues. This scalable solution played a pivotal role in facilitating rapid expansion while upholding impeccable infrastructure consistency
  • Constructed a sophisticated multi-transit gateway private network, optimised for low-latency communication among Immersive Gamebox's international venues. Leveraging Terraform, this dynamic network architecture facilitates the seamless addition of new venues
  • Effectively orchestrated the migration of all applications from Elastic Beanstalk to AWS ECS, enhancing reliability and scalability. Implemented comprehensive CI/CD pipelines through GitHub Actions, streamlining the deployment process and ensuring consistent, efficient releases
  • Provided strategic technical consultancy directly to the CTO, providing insights and guidance that contributed to informed decision-making. Recognised as a point of escalation for complex technical issues, demonstrating your expertise as a dependable problem solver and enhancing operational effectiveness
  • Experity Health
    Remote - Chicago, US
    Contract - Zero Based Ltd

    2020 - 2022

    Lead DevOps Engineer / Consultant

  • Orchestrated the successful transition of Experity's infrastructure to AWS from on-premise VMware, delivering expert consultancy on multi-account management, network optimisation, and streamlined application deployment, optimising operational efficiency within the healthcare sector
  • Designed and managed EKS clusters using Terraform across multiple regions, overseeing the comprehensive configuration of applications, operators, and controllers
  • Led a cross-functional team in the containerisation of a significant legacy Ruby on Rails application, consisting of over 300 EC2 instances. Utilised Kubernetes, Helm, and Flux to guarantee a smooth deployment, resulting in improved scalability and performance for essential services
  • Collaborated within an engineering cohort to migrate on-premises Kubernetes clusters out of support to the latest versions using KubeSpray, ensuring ongoing security, stability, and compliance
  • Dyson
    Bristol, UK

    2018 - 2020

    Lead DevOps Engineer

  • Led the Digital Cloud Infrastructure Team as the Lead Engineer, responsible for architecting and implementing cloud infrastructure with a strong emphasis on Infrastructure as Code using Terraform and Ansible, primarily in AWS and Azure, for over 30 accounts and 20 applications
  • Developed a private Terraform Data Source in Go to retrieve AWS Active Directory properties
  • Designed and implemented a common framework for Docker services in AWS ECS/Fargate
  • Enhanced the speed of application deployment by constructing CI/CD pipelines, enabling developers and QA to create short-lived environments based on Git feature branches
  • Reduced deployment time by eliminating manual steps and reducing dependency on individual knowledge, utilising Team City, Octopus, and Jenkins
  • Led an initiative for a multi-account strategy, facilitating the automated network provisioning of hundreds of AWS accounts using Direct Connect and Transit Gateway
  • Created an application with Node.js, allowing global markets to generate their own SEO redirects in Akamai for marketing promotions
  • Lowered AWS costs by implementing scaling patterns based on traffic and workload, right-sizing instances, and ensuring proper resource clean-up through decommissioning tooling
  • Operated within bi-weekly sprints, actively participating in a variety of agile ceremonies utilising Jira and Confluence
  • Education

    The Open University

    Bachelor of Science (Hons) Computing & IT (Computer Science Track)

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